Dj Screw In the Motherfucking Place

So I recorded the entire Dj Screw Tribute Show off DamageControl last night and I decided to upload it for all you soft motherfuckers that missed it. At the very end you can hear The Shrimp get a shout out and also my own fucking site get a shoutout. Right now is KPFT’s pledge drive so the whole show you get to hear Matt tell people about how they need to give them money. I called in and pledged some money cause they need it. Last time I pledge some money I never actually paid it but this time things will be different I will actually mail that shit rather than letting the envelope sit on my desk for months. As the internet as my witness I promise to donate money to rap music. But yeah they had a whole gang of motherfuckers up in the studio trying to spit some shit. Originally I was only going to upload them talking about “swishaland” and a few songs but fuck it I’ll decided to upload the whole fucking thing so peep this shit cause its healthy as fuck for your fat ass.

Click One or Click Two

One response to “Dj Screw In the Motherfucking Place

  1. Preciate ya puttin it up for us. That show was off the chain reppin the man that started this screwed up thang, DJ Screw. R.I.P. DJ Screw

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