Smooth And Legit

Some people might know of Smooth the weakass “urban songstress” or whatever the fuck you want to call her ass. Her fans seems to like the r&b with a hiphop touch bullshit but I don’t. For fuck sakes the bonus track on her album, Reality, is a song featuring Shaquille O’neal. She also put out an album in 1995 titled Smooth which features Rakim and Tupac on two separate songs that suck at almost the exact same level of shittiness. But before that shitty album she also dropped an album in 1993 and that one sucks too. All those joints were made for people who listen to Shai, like David.

Now you might be wondering just why in the fuck am I even bothering to post up about this woman at all if I think all her albums suck. Well the reason is that because in 1990 she hooked up with the Arabian Prince and dropped a dope 12″ titled Smooth And Legit.

She has that low female voice that makes her sound like a poorman’s MC Lyte and at the time she was even being pushed that way. From the name to her whole look. Another comparison to Lyte can be her whole style on this 12″. Smooth is very aggressive with her rapping to the point I would say she is like a mix between Roxanne Shante and MC Lyte. But unfortunately the whole MC Lyte thing just didn’t seem to help her career at all. Maybe she needed Lyte’s linebacker profile and an even more boyish haircut. Either way they should have kept trying that shit because everything she did after that failed miserably. They kept trying to sex her up and make her more appealing to people who like to masturbate but it failed every goddamn time. Well except with Reality which I guess gained some kind of recognition with in the softer circles.

Well enough of that shit listen to some fucking mp3’s. These mp3s sound muffled and totally shitty. I probably should have checked the levels on the mixer but whatever that’s your fucking problem, just download this shit because its fucking good.

MC Smooth – Smooth And Legit

MC Smooth – You Think You Want Some

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