Chingo Bling Radio

Now some folks might like which is a station I listen too every now and then but there is one thing I could do without and that is all the fucking piece of shit White Dawg songs they play. Unfortunatly WhiteDawg is the one who runs that site, or maybe its his dj is, I don’t fucking remember, but whoever the fuck it is fucking sucks dick because they play WhiteDawg tracks every goddamn 5 minutes. Personally I think White Dawg sounds like shit and you should too because if you don’t then you don’t know shit about fuck. DirtySouthRadio does have its moments though so it is worth peeping; you’ll just have lots of crap to deal with.

But who gives a fuck about that shit, I’m not posting about that softness. This post is about Cartel Radio, which is Chingo Blings radio station. For those who don’t know who ChingoBling is basically he’s this mexican rapper from Houston Texas who raps about rolling down the slab and being the tamale kingpin. I could do without all the la migra jokes and shit but that’s his gimick. Whatever, homeboy has a song about his rooster and he makes girls dance like “Cleto.” So yeah, homeboy started his online radio station and just like White Dawg and DSR you can expect to hear Chingo Bling and his boys rapping every so often or just giving themselves shoutouts. One thing I like about Chingo’s radio station is that you do get to hear more texas shit that other spots don’t play that much. But he also plays slightly more gangsta tracks than DirtySouthRadio. Like you’ll hear more 3-6 mafia shit and old texas gangsta shit like Seagram, 5th Ward Boys and a good dose of the Geto Boys. You’ll also hear screwed and chopped joints every so often, although not too much but they do play them.

Oh and one more thing that sucks is that Cartel Radio is only on after 7pm till who knows what the fuck time while DSR is on all fucking day.

Neither of these stations top DamageControl though, but thats a post for another day.

4 responses to “Chingo Bling Radio

  1. Seagram (R.I.P.) was actually from Oakland not Texas.

    Keep up the good work on the blog. Don’t remember how I found it, but I enjoy it. Good Bored Stiff entry the other day also.

    (I may have posted twice. Sorry ’bout that)

  2. “Seagram (R.I.P.) was actually from Oakland not Texas”

    really? thats cute, I never actually knew that, I always thought he was from texas for some reason.

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