This blogga war shit is PLAYED + Lil Boosie

OK so now everyone is biting Serg‘s steez, so I’m gonna tell you now for the record: shit is officially played. People will hate on the Shrimp but those motherfuckers will fall.

Anyway back to the music.

So Gov’t Names and Weave in they hair… already covered Lil Boosie and they did a good job (check gel’s entry for bio. information) but I want to draw attention this mixtape he did. I’ve uploaded another sample of his music so hopefully some people who didn’t know what to think will decide that this cat is worth listening to. He’s supposed to have an album out this fall but the mixtape I have is the one he did with Webbie and its called Gangsta Musik. The folks at gel and weave also covered some of the best tracks, and the title track is probably the best one. He also does songs with Bun-B like “Give Me That…” The chorus for that song has been stuck in my head for weeks.

One of my personal favorites was this shit called “Trouble Man,” which might be one of the most overused song names ever but I honestly can’t think of a bad song named “Trouble Man.” (It must have been a blues song first, right? Marvin Gaye’s “Trouble Man” is another hot track, I think its from some blaxsploitation soundtrack.)

Anyway this mixtape is available at Boosie’s website Trill Entertainment.

Download the track with a right click-save target.

Lil Boosie – Trouble Man

This is Boosie’s own sort of T.I. “Be Better than Me” track. Rather than talk about it I’d rather let it speak for itself. Also I am lazy.

(Gel and Weave is on a fucking roll! I’ve been saying this about Rakim’s not-classic albums for MORE than a minute. I like old Rakim a lot too, but his recent stuff is pretty great and underrated, and he’s so so on the money about those albums being a “private thrill to hear a god mc rapping only to you, its like my own pet g.o.a.t.!!” “The Mystery” was always my favorite track.)

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