You don’t want drama

So you think you’re tough shit, bitch?

If Serg thinks he’s the toughest motherfucker in this blog game he is ….

You wanna talk about how I listen to soft shit? You call New Radicals whitebread!? Motherfucker listens to fucking ANTICON, the kings of self-important softhand suburban whitebread dork-rap. And then fronts like he’s all hardcore, but he’ll listen to some self-congratulatory bourgie nerd shit like these dudes are doing something “original” or some shit. You want to talk about motherfucker “mall of amerikkka” music? I’m not the dude who actually went to fucking VANS WARPED TOUR on some pussy-ass pop punk shit. Serg also goes to emo-rap shows and tries to start shit – what the fuck is the matter, you can’t start shit at a really fuckin club? You’ve gotta rock the skulls of pussy-ass emo kids?

Let’s not even talk about Serg’s GIRLFRIEND who fucking OWNS this Sergdun bitch. He’s all borrowing his girlfriend’s records to put on the site and asking his girlfriend’s opinions on shit. Maybe SHE should be the one writing for this blog.

Finally – what kind of a motherfucker is dreaming about dudes in his sleep? I bet you had a dream about David Banner. Why don’t you tell us what the REAL dream was about? SergDun gets down on the flo’.

But to everybody reading this, y’all better recognize just cuz we have a wack-as-fuck blogger with Serg doesn’t mean the Shrimp still won’t crush your motherfucker blog in a second. You see how I changed the subtitle of this blog shit? We will be knocking motherfucking bloggers out the box DAILY.


17 responses to “You don’t want drama

  1. Blogga, straight up I will fuck you in the motherfucking asshole just to see the tears stream down your rosey cheeks

    fool you ain’t even known what you trying to test with this soft ass shit

  2. Saying “tripping” was dead in ’92.

    Serg’s gap in his teeth is tiny, thusly your dick is as well.

    You are jelly-hard.

  3. Only when I’m wasting e-thugs like you. Can’t be no geek off the street, gotta be handy with the keys if you know what I mean, earn yo’ keep.

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