The Bitchmade Post

The Bitchmade Post

hoe and hoe-related. politics of the bitchness. dumbfucks and other fucks.

Motherfuck Noixe. Who this blogga think he is? Does this fool actually think he can ignore the fucking Shrimp. Blogga is you fucking crazy? This is the fucking Shrimp your fucking with bitch. We don’t fucking play your sorry ass games. This softass blogga thought he could buckdown and straight drop fools off his blogroll like he was a fucking G. Fuck that bullshit, this motherfucker don’t even know how we do here at the Shrimp. He want some scratch my back shit, blogga the Shrimp don’t scratch shit. You can scratch the Shrimps motherfucking nuts you fucking bitch. We wasn’t even on his pussy ass blog roll but don’t think we don’t know how you disrespecting the Shrimp. Shit just by not having us on your sorry ass blog roll you are dissing the Shrimp. Bloggas don’t understand this shit. This isn’t about motherfucking courtesy. This is about recognizing the motherfucking kings of this blog game. We run this shit bitch. You don’t have a fucking choice in the motherfucking matter. You fucking link or you fucking DIE! The Shrimp will blow your sorry ass blog out the motherfucking water bitch. The DSL is real out here bitch.

Blogga think he cool cuz he’s rocking some piece of shit mp3 blog. Motherfuck your mp3 blog. Stupid fucking mac users. The Shrimp will shove dem apples up your motherfucking ass. How you like that shit bitches? My whole team will wreck your fucking moveable type. Think you can fade us with that bullshit? Hell fucking no. Your soft as shit ain’t got nathan on the Shrimp. Bloggas might as well have a fucking AOL homepage with that weaksauce ass shit. This blogga is softer than that bitch in the St Lunatics with mask, motherfucking Slo Down. This motherfucker has weaker links than fucking livejournal bloggas and everyone know that they are the softest of the soft. Motherfucker this ain’t fucking Charmin, this is real fucking bloggin. Bring your fucking A game to this block or you’ll can’t a bad one real fucking quick. We don’t stand for chump ass bloggas around these parts.

Motherfucking underground post, the most underground shit on this sorry blog is a fucking Mike Nardon compilation. That’s some straight bullshit. This blogga is about as underground as pussy ass dilated peoples. This stupid blogga don’t know shit about the fucking underground. Motherfucker’s favorite emcee is probably fucking Cockaroach. I bet this sorry bitch wets his fucking Huggies everytime he see Cockaroach and Theo do the Shakespeare rap. Seriously fuck this blogga, fucking Rudy had more street cred than this soft ass bitch.

Don’t fuck with the Shrimp bitch, otherwise you’ll end up like the fat whiteboy on the cosby show. Running out the fucking house like a straight BITCH!

11 responses to “The Bitchmade Post

  1. wha the hell be wit these shout posts. cant even fucking find mp3’s or opinionated music shit betwixt all this fuckn shoutn, shit, yo.

    “keep it gangster in your CD changer, not your residence”

  2. you have no vision

    I’m drunka and ayour nota

    it 3 am in SF and aI just got home from diplo and droppingas bows and typing sucks

    that took 10 minutes

  3. well the first have of the show he was having technical difficulties. One turntable took a shit like his 3rd song in and then the sound was all low and muffled. They switched the table out but couldn’t figure out what was up with the sound. Fucking turns on someone didn’t turn on one of the amps so around 12:30 someone finally pushed a button and shit got real fucking cute. I was trying to drop bows but apparently all those sissies who like to dance don’t like to have bodies come flying at them so it wasn’t going down proper like.

    shit was fun though

  4. I like the attitude and I like the post. I am struggling to get in touch, but who cares. I enjoy this line of words and keep them for my own pleasure.

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