Every Blogga For They Self In This Blog We Be Gunnin’

Oh hell motherfucking naw! Now I got motherfuckers on my own team trying to push my shit to the bottom. Fuck that pussy ass bullshit. I ain’t finna stand for it. I was planning on pulling this one out at the end of the week but this shit is going down now you punk ass bitches. Apparently some of these bloggas is soft and don’t have the fucking vision that it takes to see what can be accomplished by talking shit about people you don’t even fucking know. So fuck these fools, buck the fuck up bitches.

I’m So Motherfucking Stupid
Just tryin’ to suck

That should be the title of bitch ass David Drake’s dumbass motherfucking blog. Don’t know one give a fuck about his once a week updating bitchass. The only motherfucking reason that fool started up The Shrimp was because his bitchass couldn’t care the motherfucking weight of a goddamn blog on his own. Soft ass cracker had to find back up. Its motherfuckers like him that are fucking up this damn blog game. Motherfuckers don’t play in the streets and if someone steps to your fucking blog roll you better be able to snatch that shit the fuck back. But not this honkey, this motherfucker is too much of a bitch. He gots to go out recruiting for some fucking thorough ass motherfuckers to back his pussy ass up. This fool rolls up on the wrong side of a blog and will get his motherfucking haloscans snatched the fuck up.

The fool has a post asking people to recommend him motherfucking books because he’s too fucking stupid to find his own. “Help me, knowledgeable people” Help yourgoddamnself you stupid bitch. Motherfucker, you can’t rely on other folks to get you over in this fucking game. What the fuck, you think if I asked fools to help me cook rocks I’d be the fucking kingpin of this crack game that I am today? FUCK NO! You got to get your own shit tight. Can’t be counting on a bunch of softass motherfuckers to carry you. Get over on your own skills bitch. Don’t be standing on the corner like a sucker ass looking motherfucker just waiting to get jacked. Get over on yourself; don’t wait for someone to hold your hand across the fucking streets. You think you’re an old lady or something. Ain’t no fucking boy scouts in these streets. This is real fucking bloggery bitch. We don’t fucking play around here, the modems is fucking REAL. Get your motherfucking weight up!

Only reason people even read his sorry ass blog is because motherfuckers feel sorry for his mark ass. That motherfucker goes to fucking WOOSTER. Jesus Christ bitch could you pick a softer school to go to? I’ve seen transsexuals that were more gangsta than this dumb ass white boy. What a fucking buster, trying to get over on fucking pity.

Then motherfucker listens to late 90’s r&b AND motherfucking reggeatron. The streets ain’t feeling that shit bitch. You’ll never get respect when you roll through the blog bumping some motherfucking New Radicals. Go back to motherfucking Mall of White Amerikkka with that bitch shit. How the fuck do you ever expect to make it in this fucking game when motherfuckers see you rocking some motherfucking Tweet bullshit? Ain’t no real ass motherfucker finna respect you’re bitch ass when you’re big up fucking Tweet. This isn’t fucking makeoutclub bitch. You got to be real with the blog, stop that pussy shit and man the fuck up. As far as I can see you bitch to me. You da weakest link, goodbye.

Now some folks might wonder how can The Shrimp pull one of its own members card. Well motherfuckers got to know that ain’t nobody safe in this motherfucking game. I’m out to snatch your fucking sidebar bitch. David kept egging me on about this shit and I felt I had to make it a point to show this fool I expect him to pull his weight with this shit. But as you can see that fool is on some “uh-oh!” type scared bitch status. I can’t be worrying if cats that are on my own fucking team are afraid to pull guns on bloggers. Your worst enemy is the weakest link in your fucking armor. I can’t be having to sweat this boy wondering if he’s going to turn bitch when the blood of bloggers starts to flow. Shit this motherfucker goes to softass Wooster so he was suspect from the fucking gate.

And to all you motherfuckers who are feeling sorry for this rosey cheeked motherfucker well man the fuck up bitch cuz your ass is fucking next! No fucking jokes, the Shrimp is finna put bulletholes through your fucking profile. Bloggers are soft and its time for all these fucking self-indulgent wannabe writers to fucking die.

Step to this blog and you might get touched.

The Shrimp

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