Back to business

Now that we’ve sorted out whose dick is softer (Serg’s), its time to get back to business.

I’ve got some more good shit coming up but I think I should build on Emil’s post about Louis Logic. Guy’s album last year was sorta killing it, and I like it a lot, but he’s got a new album this year as a part of the shittily-named group Odd Couple. They make some hot tracks though, especially this song “Between Your Legs,” about how women should shave their pussies. Dude is a real feminist like that.

The Odd Couple (Louis Logic and Jay Love) – Between Your Legs

This song is pretty cool. The first couple seconds sound like its gonna be shitty but the beat is really slick and he comes clever with the punchlines. All of Louis’ work sounds so college party to me, like the kinds of shit that guys around here on campus would say when heading to a kegger. Well, except funny and more extreme. This being ‘college party rap’ isn’t as bad as it sounds, because the song is catchy and clever as fuck.

You can cop the single of “Between Your Legs” by going here; you can also hear a short sample of the b-side.

Cop the Odd Couple album by going here. You also get a free poster and sticker with the order so hurry and grab that shit quick.

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