Wait, so the Street Fighter Soundtrack is hot?

I was hella into Street Fighter II when that shit was hot at the arcade. Frankly, I’ll still serve like 95% of you with Ken in that shit so if I see you on the street and we both got quarters and there’s a cornerstore with a throwback SFII Champion Edition jawn up in the jawn, let’s do the damn thing.

But, anyway, Hollywood tried to capitalize on the video game’s success by making this fucking movie. I mean, shit, I haven’t seen it, but it’s not like you really have to to know that this shit sucks. After all, the shit’s got Van Damme in it so I’m guessing it’s about him and his twin or doppelganger; or somebody kills one of Van Damme’s buddies or brothers at the beginning and he avenges their death at the end because that’s what all his movies are about (and I guarantee he does the splits at least once in the movie). Anyway, it looks like a fucking stupid movie and I’m sure it is a fucking stupid movie, but what’s really fucking retarded is that it’s actually got several real dope tracks on the soundtrack. I really don’t understand how that happened or who the fuck this shit is supposed to be marketed towards but, oh well, here’s a few of the highlights from the shit.

Nas — “One on One” (classic Illmatic era shit)

Pharcyde — “Pandemonium” (sorry about the cue burn)

The B.U.M.S — “It’s a Street Fight” (yeah, corny lyrics, but one of hip-hop’s most underrated true-school producers Joe Quixxx really kills the beat)

Ahmad/Ras Kass/Saafir — “Come Widdit” (This was the original line-up for the “Golden State Warriors” project but I guess Ras and Saafir decided to diss Ahmad and (not) make an album with Mr. I’ll-Pimp-Your-Ride instead. Also, this is the first time I ever heard Ras Kass and I instantly took a liking to him)


8 responses to “Wait, so the Street Fighter Soundtrack is hot?

  1. You seriously can’t front on Van Damme. Granted, his work post-1993 is largely awful (with the exception of the first half of “In Hell,” which is totally dope), but from 1988-1993, he was dropping classic hits. Peep this:

    1988: Bloodsport – one of the best movies ever.
    1989: Cyborg
    1989: Kickboxer (TWO classics in ONE year!)
    1990: Lionheart
    1990: Death Warrant (Two MORE the NEXT year)
    1991: Double Impact – granted the first of his ‘clone’ series, but absolutely the best of the lot – features the return (Bloodsport) of his greatest film nemesis, Bolo Yeung (the Chinese Hercules)
    1992: Universal Soldier – the inevitable Dolph Lundgren-Van Damme match up, and even if the logic of the movie doesn’t work, it still racks ass and writes down names.
    1993: Nowhere to Run
    1993: Hard Target – the last of Van Damme’s golden age – featuring Wilford Brimley (oat-meal) as a moonshining archery specialist, and Lance Henriksen in one of his best roles post Alien Deuce and pre Millennium. (Another two movie year – the shit don’t stop till you hit the top)

    Now, so many movies in so short a span of time, and all with varying degrees of kick-assery, it’s no wonder that he got roped into shit films by the Hollywood machine.

    However, it seems like with “In Hell” (largely very good) that he’s trying to resurrect himself on the realness tip, that very specific, that very legitimate tip. 2005 – “Kumite” – it’s going to blow folks’ assholes right out of their faces.


  2. you know I could almost agree with you until you mentioned In Hell. Seriously how in the fuck could anyone think that was good. The premise of the shitfest is that Jean-Claude must break out of a prison in the eastern block. Come the fuck on, it doesn’t get more cheesy than that. For real why didn’t they just send Van Damme to outerspace to fight for the entertainment of aliens from the future so that he could raise money to feed the earth slave children.

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