Louis Logic "Factotum"

Well, as fun as Serg’s “we against the world” shit is, I’m going to actually talk about music on this jernt… but only briefly. Louis Logic put out an album last year (2003) called “Sin-a-matic.” I’m not really up on it, but David was hollering at me about it and I (after getting over the initial shock of David liking something besides teeny-bopper pop and crunk-hop) agreed that Louis Logic is pretty fucking sick. However, I’m on some “I like his old shit better” with dude. I know it’s always fucking corny to be that dude that’s jocking the old shit, but fuck it. Sometimes, dude’s older shit is just hotter. Anyway, here’s a shitty mp3 of one of my favorite tracks of his from his second 12″ on Superegular Records from 1999 (I think). The A-side of this jawn is the mediocre track “General Principle” with J-Treds where Louis totally outshines the indelible one (who really hasn’t done anything worth noting since he had that ridiculous “on the mic I got more presence then attendance in a class of schizophrenics– here, here” shit) but the real keeper on this 12″ is the OG version of “Factotum” which is different than the version on “Sin-a-matic.”

It’s hard to go wrong with a melancholy Bob James sample, a clever scratch hook, and a dude painfully extolling the pleasures and displeasures of the bottle. Louis’s flow on this shit is really onpoint and I still think his cadence on his older shit was pretty unique. So here it is.

Penn State’s own JJ Brown on production and cuts… Penn State’s own Louis Logic manning the ‘phone.

Louis Logic — “Factotum”

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