Mo Ca$h

Mo Like Mo Bitch

If you’re acting fly on the web, Milo’s acting like a fucking cocksucker.

This sorry ass blogger think he got some fucking game, the motherfucker actually tried to tell the fucking Shrimp our shit was weak! Fuck you bitch; your whole fucking life is weak. Goddamn Richard Quest looking motherfucker. Fucking markass trying to front like he got some real shit going. The streets don’t respect your sorry ass blog. The cable modems is real out here. We ain’t got no fucking time for some dumb ass bitch with a fucking inhaler. Don’t step to the Shrimp when you can’t even step to your fucking lungs.

The hardest streets this motherfucker has ever seen were fucking paved with gold. Motherfucking Dorothy ass bitch running around with pussy ass lions and a scarecrow with a quarter of a fucking brain. Shit that’s how soft this fool is, him and his pussy ass sidekick couldn’t even carry a group blog for more than a fucking week. You see how bitchmade that is. This is real fucking blogging. Not some sorry ass AA Team bullshit.

Milo is such a fucking girl scout he actually cries when the streets don’t believe his bullshit story about how he is Dr. Jekyll. How the fuck do you expect the streets to respect your strawberry ass when you got soft ass stories about crying with your fucking mom. Bitch please; get your fucking weight up. Ain’t no soft ass bitches on this block. Even my softest hoes will put trademarks around your fucking trackbacks.

Motherfucker ain’t got no fucking blog game. Can’t carry shit, he’s just a little bitch reduced to fighting for the scraps in motherfuckers comment section. This fool is on some goddamn c-team shit. Fucking marc ass underling, get on the Shrimp’s motherfucking level before you try to carry a fucking blog bitch. Can’t be standing for some soft ass buster who can’t even hold the block down. You think this is a fucking game?!?! This shit is fucking real, tuck your fucking chain bitch cause the shrimp finna beat the ugly off your fucking face. Busted ass dial up using bitch. Fucking hot linking ass motherfucker. Get your own fucking links bitch. Don’t be trying to step up to some primetime ass motherfuckers when your own game is softer than caress soap.

Respect the fucking Shrimp bitch cuz we ain’t here to hold your fucking e-hand. Your fucking blog roll best step the fuck aside when we come through your fucking domain cause toes is finna get stepped the fuck on. You step on the Shrimp’s toes and you will get thoed. We don’t give a fuck who you are, who you run with, or who the fuck got your back. You ain’t got gunz like the shrimp got guns. We’ll put bullet holes through your fucking FTP server just for some 404 shit bitch. We don’t fucking play when it comes to broken links. Don’t even try to test this shit with some weak ass angelfire shit. This blogga needs to step down to a fucking myspace blog before he tries to run these streets. Go play with bitchmade testimonials before you try this blogger game.

11 responses to “Mo Ca$h

  1. Bon jour. Le temps amer que je vois.

    Chercher le temps et quelques comment terrien ici.

    Blog agréable.

    Je devrai revenir plus tard.

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