Strikin’ thru the deuce with a 40 in my mouth

Brotha Lynch Hung’s 1993 EP 24 Deep had dude killing mics on a very sadistic tip before Necro had graduated elementary school, and he did it much better too. The title track has some obvious (by this time) sample sources but it’s Brotha Lynch’s rapping that makes it stand out –

“I wish I coulda told him what was up/

fuckin’ with the so-called devil will get you fucked/

i woulda told him/


i neva knew/


i neva knew/


of every fool, that deals with the devil is through”

(I think). Apparently Brotha Lynch was put on by Master P! The other real standout track, to me anyway, is “Walkin 2 My Funeral.” Both of these tracks are very early 90s gangsta – they’ve got that slow, loping cali funk sound, and thematically, there’s a definite Ice Cube influence (He even has a song called “Jackin 4 Joints.”) This album epitomizes that early gangsta sound that reminds me of when I was a kid lying on the floor watching the Box or in bed huddled with my headphones on. “Six holes in my body and I’m trynna walk.” My mom would let us watch Homicide – Life on the Street too, and I wonder how being inundated with crime stories when I was young affected my psyche. Gangsta like this never came off as nihilistic to me, especially not stuff like the Geto boys which was labelled that way – if anything it was very human.

Anyway his follow-up album Season of the Siccness is pretty hot too. I’ve never heard his album from 1997, so if anyone knows about it let me know the score. But for me this early stuff is where its at. “Put me in the truck, close it up, stuck a tag on my toe, and put me in a drawer case closed.”

Brotha Lynch Hung – 24 Deep

Brotha Lynch Hung – Walkin’ 2 My Funeral

You can buy this shit here at amazon. It’s worth it.

This is Lynch’s website. You can see a music video for “Everywhere I Go” there.

4 responses to “Strikin’ thru the deuce with a 40 in my mouth

  1. Oh my lord. This is some Sac-town shit. My boy’s brother is good friends with these characters. They broke him off a copy of their DVD “Now Eat”, this sadistic, hillariously gruesome dvd of gangstas eating gangstas.

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