At yr funeral just your parents and the preacher was there

Lil Jon featuring Bun-B, Jadakiss, T.I., Nas and Ice Cube – Grand Finale

YEAH. “I got five of the hottest mothafuckin’ MCs in the world given you that gangsta shit!” The beat is air raid sirens and dramatic horn stabs, slow, not really a party jam, just on some apocalyptic shit like classic Wu circa “Triumph.” Everybody kills shit with their verses, even Cube (despite generally corny lyrical shit). Bun-B gives a shout out to Farenheit 9/11! Jada – “Feds don’t need warrants cuz y’all all informants / so I get higher than New York insurance.” T.I. keeps his voice real low and threatening, full of internal rhymes and it’s pretty clear he’s talking about Flip, comes hard. Nas comes with some classic-style “project prophet,” bringing some dark shit. He sounds really grimey here, like he’s reinvented himself on these filthy tracks like “Thief’s Theme,” just relishing in the dirt. Basically like a more lyrical, less-punchline oriented jada.

As for Ice Cube – his verse is pretty ehh. He kicks it off with momentum (“I’m polished and gritty, shoot better than that nigga that tried to kill 50”) but loses it in corniness later on. “Gangsta’s don’t dance, we boogie” is corny but I like it anyway. “No matter what happens, I’ll never turn federal.” Yeah. This song is pretty fucking crazy.

Edit – dlk over at gov’t names did a preview of most of the tracks on the album, check it out. I haven’t heard them all but he’s definitely right about the ones I have heard, especially “In Da Club,” that shit fucking sucks.

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