Eminem needs to go back to killing his wife

I may be in the minority in that I think Eminem’s new video is kinda gay even if you don’t count the fact that the song itself is damn near unlistenable. But never mind that. What I really wanted to say is that I really haven’t been as interested in anything Em has had to say since he stopped writing about how he wanted to kill his wife and about how all pop stars are faggots. I’m a firm believer that one should stick to what one does best. I think that ever since the gay community got all pissed off at Em’s lyrics and since he decided to go to Hollywood and do 8 Mile, his music has suffered considerably. I wouldn’t be surprised if, after this next album (which will suck), Em decides to give up rap altogether in favor of acting or producing or some shit.

All pop stars are faggots.

5 responses to “Eminem needs to go back to killing his wife

  1. the song itself sucks but it could have had a better impact if it was rleased long before the lection. becuase it was released so late it did not the impcat it was intended to have and for that reason em fucked up. so….yes

  2. In my opinion Encore is a lyrical masterpiece, yes it’s not the eminem that we’ve grown to love, when he was taking about killing his wife and “what he does best”, but hes evolving like all of us do…you have to understand he is rapping for himself not us…he is probably bored with rapping about all the same stuff.

  3. okay…to whoever called encore a lyrical masterpiece, you are a fucking dumbass. you must have the mind of a 10 year old girl to be that fucking stupid. i mean seriously what’s it actually take to understand lyrical quality at the least. just listen to all the albums and think about it. forgive me if i offended your dumb ass but don’t be too quick to reply trying to defend your DUMB ASS.

  4. AAAAhhh… look at that … JEALOUSY … man o man .. Em is laughing all the way to the bank while ur writing ur pathetic little opinion on a stupid website .. congradulations!!! .. just like everyone else who talks shit about him ur onli helping him sell more records .. so look whose the DUMB ASS now bia … lol… if Em wasn’t a good rapper lets face it, he wouldn’t make it this far! FYI .. Mosh is a GREAT song.. i think that more rappers shud put their opinion on political issues on their tracks – the best part was when he said “fuck Bush”!!!

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