Killin’ it

If you can deal w/ the lack of punctuation and capitalization, head over to Gel and Weave where plum drank is dropping science on classic Master P. The only P stuff I was really aware of was when Mystikal started to blow because that’s when girls would start wearing those t-shirts with spray painted art on them and they said “No Limit” and had pictures of Mystikal on them. I was more into cash money and jazz but I still remember this girl talking about how Mystikal was buggin’ on record. I also remember “It Ain’t My Fault” by Silkk was a big anthem. Chicago gave a lot of support to southern rap when I was in high school (1997-2001). Anyway No Limit gets a lot of shit from critics still but I’m going to explore that shit more and thanks to guys like dude at “Gel and Weave” I get more and more interested every day. It’s fascinating that P spent time in Oakland – I had no idea. Dude put up 4 mp3s too that you should check, although they’ll go quickly because they’re on “You Send It” which is getting less reliable. Master P was releasing music in ’92!

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