Eminem’s new single is actually starting to grow on me

The video’s still such a cheap shot and kinda retarded, but I’m not really into hip-hop for the videos (unless they involve strippers) anyway. But, as far as Em’s poppy, lead-off throwaway singles are concerned, I think this one might actually be the best one. (And I know that’s not saying much, but follow…) It’s really dumb, but I think it might take having to listen to it fucked up (like I am now) to realize how funny it actually is. Also, how much you like or dislike it may depend on whether or not you find shit like homophobia funny. I mean, since this is 2004 and there are probably a lot of people who don’t but feel like their opinion actually matters.

On the other hand, this new “Mosh” shit that everybody’s been raving about is just, the absolute worst shit I’ve ever heard before in my life. I don’t care if it is political, it fucking sucks.

I was drinking Natural Light back before it was cute.

10 responses to “Eminem’s new single is actually starting to grow on me

  1. Dude you are TRIPPING “Just Lose it” is garbage. Easily the WORST songs he’s released as a single in his career. The last thing I want to hear used as a “hook” is Eminem imitating Pee Wee.

  2. So you’re saying “My Name Is” > “Just Lose It”? Same goes for “The Real Slim Shady” and “Without Me.” I think this new one is the best out of all of them, Pee Wee Herman laugh and all.

  3. The Real Slim Shady and Without Me are leagues better than the new one, no question. My Name Is is better too, but not that much better.

  4. man I’m going with david, Just lose it fucking sucks ass. Its on some goddamn nickalodeon type humor shit. Like if your six and still giggle when people make fart sounds you’ll think this shit is funny.

    I also think My Name Is, Real Slim Shady, and Without Me all fucking sucked too but Just Lose It is by far the shitties of all these soft ass singles.

    At least mosh kind of has a point.

  5. I was actually thinking about posting on this but I’ve been really busy. The lyrics are truly terrible but the way he phrases them is sorta interesting, more so than Without Me anyway (although Without Me had much better lyrics). If he had dropped the fart jokes and the Michael Jackson jabs (very played out) and made it more like a post-post-modern joke it would have been pretty good.

    Plus the beat is pretty decent, it might be an ok club song especially with the “everyone report to the dancefloor” bit.

    I listened to the song before I saw the video, though – the video makes it look like the worst thing ever. Before the video I didn’t even realize that noise was supposed to be Pee Wee Herman.

  6. How you gonna hate on Cam’ron and then come out and admit you like this garbage? “Fuck Bush” oooh so edgy eminem! Not to mention the boring goth production sounds like every eminem/g-unit/50 filler song.

  7. oops, didn’t really even read the post, you’re talking about the other shitty eminem song (just as bad), not Mosh. My bad.

  8. Eminem is just obviously having fun on this one. Come on, who in the game right now wants to fuck with em after he shredded Ja/Benzino n all the Murder Inc bitches. lol, Its so funny how rappers are at their best when their lifes r fucked up…… Em serisously has no material to work on right now. Next CD will b better , maybe this Cd was just a master plan to get more material to work on , god knows its not much of ..anything lol.

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