Stealing Tapes And 45’s From The Local Record Store

(excuse the shittiness of the images, I scanned the cover of my old tape for this.)

This post was inspired by this post a few weeks ago.

I was either 13 or 14 years old when I first heard this tape. When it dropped Homies was their lead single off this shit and on Phoenix’s Power 92.3 it was getting constant rotation. Homies was my motherfucking jam. It was on some feel good sunday afternoon type shit. Kind of made sense since the song was on the same tip as “On A Sunday Afternoon” which was their most popular song off their debut album, Brown And Proud. I don’t know how popular the song was outside of the southwest but “On A Sunday Afternoon” was the feel good summer jam at all the lowrider shows. LSOB never enjoyed the level popularity of Cypress Hill but in 1992 they were probably the 2nd largest latin act out there. Oh and for those that don’t know Lighter Shade Of Brown was made up of two mc’s ODM (One Dope Mexican) and DTTX (Don’t Try To Xerox). I remember when I first heard LSOB I was so fucking stoked that there were latin rappers out there on some brownpride type shit. Cypress Hill was out there but they weren’t rapping about Pacho Villa and fucking Zapata so when I heard LSOB doing it I fucking ate that shit up trying to be the brownest mexican I could be.

When I scrounged up enough money to buy the tape I hoped on my bike and rolled over to Christown mall and bought the motherfucker at Montgomery Ward. For some reason this Montgomery Ward had a music section and it was cheap. I think that is also where I bought Enter The 36th Chamber.

Anyways, my favorite song on the album has to be the posse cut at the very end, Interrogated Cause I’m Brown PT 1+2. The song features KAOS, Street Mentatlity, PeeBee, Aztlan Nation and ALT. Its definetly not one of the greatest posse cuts ever but I don’t care I still think the song is fucking dope. The beat isn’t anything too amazing and the lyrics aren’t on some next shit but so the fuck what. They are talking shit about immigration cops and thats fucking great. This song was my lighter shade of fuck the police.

No more mp3 time:

Interrogated Cause I’m Brown


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