Awwwready Platinum

So this afternoon I was rolling down the slab on my new vogues when I saw the ghost of Dj Screw. I pumped by brakes so hard I almost broke my woodgrain steering wheel. So I jumped out of my candy coated Excursion and just as my feet touched the pavement Screw tossed me the new Slim Thug album, Already Platinum. I said “Thank you ghost of Dj Screw” and he told me “don’t sweat it mayne, I’m da thoedest, awwwready.” And I replied “yes, you are the thoedest.” Then I got back in the Excursion and threw the cd in as I continued to roll down the slab.

Now I guess I should apologize to the ghost of Dj Screw because he gave me this cd and I truely appreciate it but to tell you the truth I’m kind of dissappointed in the album. There are definetly some dope tracks on here but I think the Neptunes got to meddling a little too much. A few months back I heard “I Ain’t Heard” which was the lead single off this and its produced by the Neptunes and that song fucking sucks. I started to worry that this album might not be good but then Three Kings came out and that song fucking rules. So after hearing that I was thinking oh this shit is going to be heat all the way. But as it turns out I think its kind of on some middle ground shit, well as to what I would like to hear. Maybe I had my hopes up too much for this album but whatever. I’ve never been to crazy about the Neptunes so you have to take that into account. But after listening to this album I feel as though what the Neptunes tried to do and failed that they tried to fit Slim Thug to their sound rather than working Slim’s own sound and style. He’s not known because he raps over beats with no bass, he’s known because he wrecks hard ass southern beats.

I guess a primary example of my issue with the production on this album would be track 9, Problematic. You see this song could be hard as fuck, Slim gets real cute with his shit but the beat has no fucking bass and that shit just isn’t cool with me. If I wanted to enjoy songs with no bass I’d go listen to the fucking Young Gunz or some shit. The way the song starts out I’m expecting the beat to drop in and just blow my ears out but that never happens. Slim steps up his flow and comes faster than usually. For a song that has Slim rapping about how you’re scared to call the laws because you don’t want it with him and his hoggs the beat is on the softer side of hiphop. Production aside I think Slim goes hard on this album and I’m happy about that. I just think they should have left off some of the softer beats.

But enough of talking about the weak parts though. The album starts out with this track called “Move Somethin,” which is dope. The beat has a New York feel to, at least I think so anyways. Then comes the second track, Like A Boss. Mayne hold up, this shit fucking knocks. 3 Kings is my favorite song on the album but this is a close second. Slim has some girl in the background yelling about how he is the motherfucking boss and the beat definetly helps drive home who is the fucking boss. Jazze Phae makes a contribution to the album on “So Incredible.” I’m not to crazy about Jazze’s singing but at least his beat is alright, he’s getting cute with some organs and guitars. Another track I like is “Rockstar,” its got this guitar that kind of gives it that country rap tunes feel. It’s a pretty chill beat but I like it plenty. I also like “Too Clean” well besides the fact that in parts of the song nothing fucking happens. They just let the beat play for like 30 seconds. They didn’t even get real cute with it or anything, its actually sounds like they messed up and couldn’t get the mics to work. Also I could do without bitch ass Pharrell whispering “too clean.” Whatever issues I have with the Neptunes I still think its a worthy purchase. So yeah I’m going to throw up a few mp3s. Get them while their fucking hot or before the ghost of Dj Screw tells me to take them down.

I told you to hurry but now its too late. Way to go you slow ass bitches.

Like A Boss

Move Somethin


4 responses to “Awwwready Platinum

  1. I agree w/ you that it’s a mixed album but I like the Neptunes for the most part and sometimes when they try something new it works. I like the new version of “Change Clothes” and I thought “Do it For You” was a cool R&B-Neptunes style throwback. The best two songs are definitely “Three Kings” and “Like a Boss” though, yeah.

  2. well on I Ain’t Hearc(Change Clothes on this advance) them adding Jay-Z isn’t enough to change my mind. I think that beat is garbage and I really hate Pharralle with his stupid “startrack riders” shit

  3. oh as for Do It For You, that track is cool, but if I have one thing to bitch about on it is that high pitched synth they use in the hook, fuck that sound.

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