This is the part where I give my phone number to all the girls thats hot

The boss said he would revoke my Shrimp membership if I didn’t post more often, and since that’s the only thing getting me into clubs these days I thought I should add something here.

The Big Tymers are always a double-edged sword – you get to hear Mannie Fresh’s fantastic beats, but in exchange you have to listen to Baby’s fucking awful rapping. Baby likes to rap about how he is a great businessman, which is true, but it gets really tired on 20-track albums like last year’s “Big Money Heavyweights,” since Baby has run out of interesting ways to say “I’m rich” and he has a dull flow. Mannie’s production, on the other hand, has kept getting better and better – “How We Do” was one of the great unheard singles from 2003.

Fortunately Mannie has already dropped one of the ten best singles of the year with “Real Big” and hopes are high for his album, scheduled for a November 9 release date. Tracks that will presumably end up on the album have started to leak. The only track I’ve been able to find besides “Real Big” is “Day In the Life.” I don’t know that it will be on the album and that it isn’t just a demo or something, but it is labeled online as an album track. It’s decent, good beats, but without the same great humor he brought to “Real Big.” It does have him making car noises though, so that’s cool.

Mannie Fresh – “Day In the Life”

Link is good for seven days or 25 downloads.

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