T-Rock (if you like 2pac…)

Mr. Washington Story (2004)

T-Rock – “Little or Nothin”

I first heard about T-Rock from a friend who described him as being the “next twista.” I’m not sure what he meant by that because he doesn’t sound like Twista at all – although he may just have meant that all he needs is some good production and he will blow, and that’s probably true. T-Rock was a part of the hypnotize camp posse and had a great song “Slang and Serve” on the Choices soundtrack. He broke away from 3-6 and I’ve heard various things about money issues and his solo album being delayed but either way he doesn’t really seem to fit into the 3-6 style anyway. He’s very lyrically-oriented, in to conspiracy theories and is very political. He’s sort of like Ras Kass except he doesn’t lecture you.

His wordplay keeps it interesting and his voice is magnetic and sounds strained with the weight of the world, like he’s putting everything he has into every song. He can be very depressing to listen to for very long, and his beats, while not as bad as Eminem’s production, ride that dark, gothic, somewhat crappy piano shit sometimes. He needs better beats. He sort of reminds me of 2pac, with those empathic vocals and inner turmoil that sounds like it will destroy him. Add a dash of paranoia and you have the pastor troy influence. He’s quite good.

Buy Mr. Washington Story here.

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