Cam’ron’s next album could be pretty good

Or it could be crap just like his last one. Being the “hater” that I am, my bet is on the latter. The thing about Cam’ron is that, unlike a lot of MCs that I don’t particularly care for, he is somewhat talented. But he doesn’t put out a lot of very good records, I don’t think. Which makes you wonder, are all of these people that are supposedly fans of his actually listening to shit like Come Home with Me and From Me to You, or is it more about the fashion? I think my main beef with the shit of his that I’ve heard (I’m not as familiar with his pre-Roc-A-Fella work) has been his reliance on beats using sped-up vocal samples (and usually not very good ones at that) and guest appearances from his untalented homies. Still, I think if he can manage to get beats from all the Roc’s best producers and keep guest appearances to an absolute minimum, Blueprint-style, he might actually have something. Then again, I suppose you could say that about a lot of people.

It’s not really rape if it’s your house.

5 responses to “Cam’ron’s next album could be pretty good

  1. Come Home with Me had three spectacular tracks – Oh Boy, Dead or Alive, and Hey Ma. There might’ve been some other good ones but I can’t remember. Anyway just counting those three that’s 20% of the album being hotness which is not terrible.

  2. Hey Ma was heat, also “The Roc” was a great cut.

    Byron you should learn to love Cam and the Diplo’s, they’re that hardcore NY gangsta like G-Unit except they’re way more interesting/crazy/off-the-wall. I mean seriously – they’re almost avant-garde in the way they seem so unhinged, and the way cam’ron raps in those weird internal rhymes with that clipped rhythm.

  3. Nothing that samples “Easy Like Sunday Morning” should ever be referred to as heat. And I would like the Dipset if they made better music. Like I said, I get the feeling that it’s more about the style with them.

  4. Parts of “Purple Haze” has been leaked forever and for whatever reason pushed back again and again (his cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” (no, not kidding) was supposed to come out early summer and the album was set for July. Now the release date is Dec. 7.
    Anyway a few of the tracks are amazing, some of the rest just ok, so about what you would expect.
    Look for “Get ‘Em Girls” and “Killa Cam” (I think that’s what it’s called) for some glaze.

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