Just to be fair

Fabolous is a pretty horrible artist too. His latest single “Breathe” is an exception in that it’s actually listenable, but he’s committed enough crimes against hip-hop in his relatively brief career to warrant mention in the company of the likes of MC Hammer and Lil’ Flip. In particular, there was this single off of his last album (the one with the R&B chick) that was pretty horrendous and almost as bad as this current Lil Flip atrocity. I suppose somebody’s going to pop up and try to defend him too, or does he not have enough gold teeth?

Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo.

10 responses to “Just to be fair

  1. Na i was actually thinking the same thing. His new song is tight but nothing can atone for the shit he did on his last album with that R&B shit.

  2. Fabolous exceeds the wackness of lil flip’s Sunshine by far

    Fuck, Fabolous is such a bitch that he makes Nina Sky look gangsta

  3. You guys are homos. Fab is so gully. Peep “Keepin It Gangsta” for further proof. Dude is trill… just trying to get that dough… which makes him even more trill. Fuck y’all.


  4. Dude what the fuck, have you actually heard this guy rap??? He sounds like his mouth is made from girlscout vaginas. His voice has the strength of ten carebears. He’s got the weakest voice in music, fuck him. The man couldn’t enunciate if his fucking life depended on it.

    I leave you with this quote:
    “My classes be like two three hours
    That’s why I’m the smartest young guy since Doogie Howser”

    wow that was fucking mindblowing.

  5. I was trying to figure out why I have so many Fab trax on my computer and I realized its because he has Just Blaze on speed dial.
    “Breathe” is really great and Just Blaze does that.
    The Just Blaze remix of “Can’t Let You Go” is also good.
    And the Just Blaze remix of Joe Budden’s “Fire” with Fabolous on it is also good.

    So I don’t mind him as long as Just Blaze is on the job.

  6. u gys are all so fuckin crazy exept emynd ,
    Fab is on e of the best rappers , he got his own style and flows so quick
    DJ CLUE founfd FAB doesn ththat mean anything also Fab is plauntim on all three album and if u think hes shit after this song of list then ur free to say wat u want
    :it-4 Tat, Keepin it Gangsta, Round and Round , Bad guy, Breathe, Holla back, ANd is 2 part mix tape

  7. Jucie: yo u guys are fags fab is 4th on freestlye undergorundartist.com

    If u hear his freestyles OMG

  8. Jaleta: fabolous is way wicked and lil flip isnt that shit
    i liked his song sunshine and his free style to the lean back beat dissin T.I
    <- which is very good! listen and stop asuming bitches!

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