New Pimp C Track And Willy D Interview

Pimp C – Hogg In The Game.mp3

I don’t know how long that mp3 will be up but if it goes down you can hear the song at the Rap-A-Lot Records site. You’ll have to flip through the songs on the website’s player to hear it. Unfortunatly the mp3 that I posted is an editted version of the song and has cutesy boy yelling over it. As for when the actual Pimp C album drops I don’t have an answer for that, the website just says “coming soon” and in the world of hiphop record release dates that could mean never or next month. But fuck it, just download that shit and keep it trill as fuck.


In other news has a cutesy Willie D interview up.

I was like we got some dope s**t and a gimmick wont hurt. So if people saw a midget rapping, they would trip the f**k out, I know I would. Especially a midget talking about kicking somebody ass. So I was like, “Let me write him a song.” If he could rap, he could be in the group. So I asked Bill some size related questions and I came back in an hour with “Size ain’t S**t,” and three days later he was in then studio recording. That’s how Bushwick Bill joined the group. Even though I didn’t like Bill. Why?

Willie: We had an altercation before. You were about to fight a midget man? (Laughs)

Willie: S**t, I’ll fight anybody…I’ll fight a motherf***ing first grader if he step out of line (Laughs) But the Bushwick thing was a business move and I thought it was a good idea. And that’s how you got the Geto Boys that you know today

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