Tha Killa Klan

Tha Killa Klan from Houston, TX was founded by Pharoah of the Street Military. Tha Killa Klan consist of Street Military (Pharoah, K.B., Lil’ Flea, Icey Hott, R.I.P. Nutt), Z-Ro and Trae of Guerilla Maab, Klondike Kat, G-Rapp The General, BAM, Stack Pack and Burton Boys. Tha Killa Klan is also a part of the South Park Coaliton.

K.B. and Lil’ Flea – Killaz On The Trigga

K.B. and Lil’ Flea – Jack Move

On the Killa Klan site they have two of these K.B. and Lil Flea tracks and both use that high pitched keyboard sythn sound and it gives them that westcoast g-funk feel. The added reggae bit reminds me of early/mid 90’s bay area gangsta tracks that use to have some guest with the reagge twist do the hooks (see Spice1 and Method Man’s Hard To Kill). These two songs were released in 98(probably recorded in like 97) so that’s why they sound dated but fuck it they are still dope.

Street Military – Steel Gangstaz

Street Military – Gasta Get Paid

Now the first song, Steel Gangstaz, is way better second one. This song is what I love about Street Military, dudes just go hard as fuck on this shit proving that they are still G’ed Up as fuck. I’m a sucker for loud, abrasive, and pissed off rapping. As long as you got some folks yelling and someone telling me to “get’em up” then I’m a happy man and I will put my guns up. I don’t know who it is that does the second verse but man whoever he is fucking kills that shit.

As for the second song, Gasta Get Paid, it has that crazy keyboard bit that comes out of nowhere. It doesn’t fit the beat at all. Actually now that I think about it who ever made it has been playing Castlevania way to much. Then there is that guitar at the end of the song that sounds cheesy as fuck. You would think people would have figured out to get rid of those lame rock bits already. I thought RockBox proved just how cheesy that shit is. It’s actually not even that good of a song but I like that buzzing synth. The rapping isn’t recorded too well; it sounds like they recorded the songs in the shower but even with that I still dig the song. Maybe I shouldn’t even have posted it but whatever Street Military is good for your mommy.

10 responses to “Tha Killa Klan

  1. I actually like that second Street Military song a lot. Don’t sell it short. That organ sample is really weird but I dig it.
    Keep bringing the heat serg.

  2. I’m glad to see people are actually looking at the originators of modern Houston rap. Of course the Rap-a-lot fam laid down the ground work on a commercial level, but groups like Street Military and all of the SPC were creating the Houston sound on the underground.

    The second verse of the first Street Military song is K.B.”The Kidnapper” in his usual crunk delivery. If you like his style, check all of the early SM releases, especially tracks like “Don’t play with a gun” and “Jack Move”.

    A couple of other notes about the SW Houston scene from that time period:

    Street MIlitary was instrumental in creating what I refer to as the MoCity(Missouri City) sound. They had an offshoot group called Fakulty that was on the verge of really breaking a newer, updated MoCity sound. Unfortunatley they never made a second album due to the death of one member of the group.

    Another group that was coming up in Mo City (a suburb of SW Houston) at the same time as Fakulty was a group called The Half Dead Orgainization. They were heavily involved, along with Fakulty, in creating a bridge between the older style of Houston rap(such as Street mIlitary and SPC) and the new Screw style. Members of Half Dead were fequently on Screw tapes and one member, Wood has had at least two solo albums.

    Other groups to check listen to for a full idea of Houston’s sounc:
    – Ganksta NIP (I can’t say enough about NIP. He was a Rap-a-lot artist who has to be one of the earliest to do straight HorrorCore rap, well before the GraveDiggaz. I would suggest trying to find a copy of his first album)

    -K Rino (Founding member of the SPC along with NIP and Point Blank.)

    -BAM (Closely affiliated with SM and FAkulty. Came out around the same time as Fakulty and has a smoother version of the MoCity style.)

    -Pharoah (From Street Military. Personally he was my favorite in SM and has had a some solo releases.)

    There’s definitely more history to the Houston scene, but I thought I’d offer a primer. Like I said, I’m just glad that people are looking a little deeper than Lil Flip. Those guys are like clowns compared to the original Houston sound.


  3. Rip to Malek

    Rip Nut

    Killa Klan 4 live

    (thats 4 eva )

    How you gone b 13 deep in a nikka moma house?

    ( that was up baby, said dranksta)

    yeah you can feel that vibe
    it go down out here
    and we dont even fight no mo
    we just gone pop ya and move on
    stank em

    (said kook)


    Ant Dawg, Lil Pat, Big Ckri5

    FREE PHARAOH!!!!!!

    whats up Bam

    what it do Zro

    MO Serious, tx

  4. its that manny b

    quail runnimg them streets

    mo serious tx

    killa klan


    call me tha writer of the script

    just watch shocky rocky and unyon

    ( where manny b ? )

    ,,,,,,,,Gee TV……..

    see how i just put on for my whole mo serious people

    dont call me j manuel no mo

    call me Mr. Anon-Ymous

    • Fuck Killa Klan Kaze! Killa Klan Bukkake! Fuch Tennessee At That Too! Ya’ll Aint The South Oh’Weak Ass Nigga! Triple Bitch Mafia…They Probably Stole The Idea For The Name Through Workin With Nip! Oh’ Boppin Ass Niggas!


  5. Boy these niggaz dont know what real is until they bring they bitch ass down to Houston. We know who the originators are! Mo City 4 life Ole bunny azz niggas!

    • Shut ya jaw jackin weenie whistlin ass up faggot. Houston aint bout shot. How yall niggas let NOLA niggas come into ya own town, punk yall niggas and take yall thots for the long D.

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