Winners of this year’s Source Awards

via the AP and presented without comment, other than the fact that they all fucking suck:

Artist of the year male solo: Ludacris

Artist of the year group: Ying Yang Twins

Breakthrough artist(s) of the year: Kanye West

Single of the year solo artist: “Right Thurr,” Chingy, produced by The Track Starz

Single of the year group: “Lean Back,” Terror Squad, produced by Scott Storch

Single of the year collaboration: “Damn,” Youngbloodz featuring Lil Jon, produced by Lil Jon

R&B/Rap collaboration of the year: “Yeah,” Usher featuring Lil Jon and Ludacris, produced by Lil Jon

Best female rap collaboration: “Lean Back,” Terror Squad and Remy Ma, produced by Scott Storch

Fat tape song of the year: “Clap Back,” Ja Rule produced by Scott Storch

Remix of the year: “Right Thurr,” Chingy featuring Trina and JD, produced by The Track Starz

Album of the year: “The College Dropout,” Kanye West

Lyricist of the year: Jay-Z

Dancehall/Reggae artist of the year: Elephant Man

Producer of the year: Lil Jon

R&B artist of the year male: Usher

R&B artist of the year female: Alicia Keys

Video of the year: “Through The Wire,” Kanye West, directed by Coodie and Kanye West

Independent album of the year: “Konexion,” Freddie Foxxx

International artist of the year: Tego Calderon (Puerto Rico)

Best acting in a movie by a rapper: “Shottas,” Spragga Benz

8 responses to “Winners of this year’s Source Awards

  1. Byron I know yr big on hating but I think that list isn’ t bad. I could do w/ less “Right Thurr” but other than that its a pretty good list.

  2. “Clap Back” is an anomoly, and its weird that Ludacris gets the male vocalist award this year (I guess they’re just thinking of his verse on “Yeah!” but other than that his singles have been sorta sub-par, certainly nothing as good as his first couple albums). Konexion is sorta out of nowhere too. Is that album any good?

  3. Konexion is no Industry Shakedown, but I’m not mad anytime Freddie Foxxx gets an award. I wonder if he got to give a speech.

  4. I haven’t seen the nominees this year and obviously the Source’s cred is at an all-time low. But this list just looks bad, sorry David. Ying Yang Twins group of the year? Luda-uh, you made the point already…no great singles (Stand Up was pretty good, but no Southern Hospitality)

    “Right Thurr” are you fucking kidding me. I met Chingy, trust me, this is bullshit.

    “Damn” is wonderful and Kanye got respect which is cool.

    But awarding Ja Rule, Chingy, Elephant Man is unforgivable.

    The Konexion is most definitely not Industry Shakedown. But is it really possible to nominate Freddie Foxxx and not give him the award. That’s like putting a red laser dot on your head.

  5. What the fuck? they have an award for best rapper in a movie? That is some stupid ass bullshit.

    That freddie foxxx is weird, I like dude but no one bought that album.

    The Source is so full of shit. I’m surprised they didn’t give benzino any awards.

  6. Sean I mostly agree with you! Except the Ying Yang twins deserve an award. They sleep on the south enough as it is and Salt Shaker and Whats Happenin were both great tracks (Whats happenin is in my top 20 of the year right now).

    Also Elephant Man is great forget the haters. I’ma give them the fuck u sign.

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