DJ Smallz southern smoke 10 (late pass)

This isn’t new or anything (in fact Gel and Weave posted the tracklist back in May and Southern Smoke 14 is already out) but I’m not sure that there’s a better single-disc mixtape to represent southern hip-hop in 2004. Its hosted by Bubba Sparxxx and its got pretty much everything you want in a southern comp – A lot of the shit on this is already a hit or on its way to being a hit – Nolia Clap remix, Three Kings, I Want it U Got It, Knuck if you Buck, What They Gon’ Do, etc. If you’re wondering why the new Eminem single is so shitty, Lil Jon and Eminem’s “Crunk Juice (40oz)” won’t make things any clearer cuz shit bangs and Eminem sounds a lot hungrier and less bored than on his single. Its also got a whole bunch of Bun B verses (what mixtape this year doesn’t…) but shit is always welcome – even this far into his career and minus Pimp C he’s still killing it.

Southern Smoke 11 was cool cuz it was T.I. live from prison but it definitely doesn’t have the same number of hot tracks that ten does. I haven’t heard Southern Smoke 12 w/ Juvie but a quick scan of the tracklist suggests it isn’t quite as good either.

I haven’t been paying attention to mixtapes much since I got to school but if you get one CD of southern hip-hop this year, this wouldn’t be a bad choice.

Buy Southern Smoke 10 or check the tracklist here.

Also make sure you head over to The Stypod and get the free mp3s by Trick Daddy, N’Tyce and Devin the Dude.

6 responses to “DJ Smallz southern smoke 10 (late pass)

  1. i ‘gree about em’s single…i think his whole thing is tired unless he starts doing more crossoverness…shit’ll still go double anamantium though..

  2. I’m just finding out that Smallz is the fucking king. Flip’s “Houston, We Have a Problem” is also utterly immaculate.

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