Ohhh, how the rich get richer…

There’s a great article in the Eastbay Express that clearly illustrates (again) how and why big businesses can and will dominate the little businesses that attempt to provide a potentially “authentic” alternative to the seemingly inexorable marketing machine we know as commercial radio. Power 92.7 was a radio station formed several months ago in the Bay Area in order to compete against the Bay Area’s two big market Clear Channel urban stations (KMEL and Wile 94.9) by offering an authentic alternative to the two big market stations. It was Power’s goal to offer a real alternative to the people of Oakland by catering their song selection towards what the people of the Oakland community wanted to hear (i.e. more local, “authentic” hip-hop) instead of dictating what the public wanted to hear through standardized program lists. But, this article by Chris Thompson and Anticon-hater Eric K. Arnold shows exactly what small market radio stations are up against in the world of media-conglomerate domination. The lesson is far from ambiguous: if Clear Channel won’t get ya, good ol’ buy, improve, sell-for-profit capitalism will.

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One response to “Ohhh, how the rich get richer…

  1. Man I’m surprised those dudes believed all that shit about reppin oakland and giving people what they want. I figured if those dudes were in radio for a good amount of time they would have known that power92 is commercial as they come.

    Power92 in Phoenix fucking sucks and sticks to those safe playlists. When they started in the bay they were pushing the whole “where hiphop lives” slogan that all the other power92’s use. I remember seeing that shit pop up in LA first and then later it spread to phoenix. LA had better radio because in Phx we didn’t have talent pool that LA did so they’d get all kinds of cute shit on the air. Power would just just copy the mainstream format in LA. When kids complained about not hearing underground shit what did power do? they started syndicating the baka boys show in Phx. Which was cool but really why the fuck didn’t we get our own show. They didn’t cater to the taste of Phx they just tried to mold it into a generic more mainstream version of LA radio.

    aww whatever, fuck radio

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