Nothing But Hits

Mayne hold up

Boss Hogg Outlawz – B.H.O.Z.

So the other day I stole this Boss Hogg Outlawz album from the middle of a crack house run by crips. The cd is titled Nothing But Hits and goddamn if it ain’t nothing but. Boys are bringing it hard as fuck on this shit rapping over all kinds of beats like Quick to Back Down, Get Back, No Problem, Damn, Game Over, Lean Back you fucking name it. If the beat knocks they are rapping on it. If I could find a picture of the cover I’d post it but no one has it, the album isn’t listed on the boss hogg site. But the best part is that little Proud Mary intro they got on it, that shit almost had me fall out of my chair when I heard it. It reminded me of Big T and Lil Flip’s cover of Let’s Get It On. But now that I’ve mentioned it I guess I have to post up. Well thanks to David I’ve now got the full version of the song so all you people can hear Big T sing his heart out about about rolling down the slab with the one you love AND Lil Flip rapping about maxi pad’s and escalades. So yeah here it is:

Big T & Lil Flip – Candy On Chrome

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