Super Groups and Westcoast Beef

I was sent these by way of the magical information superhighway. The Riflemen beat is better than Daz’s attempt at hanging on to the coattails of g-funk. But Daz is more pissed off and after laying down his verse he just talks shit over the beat calling out all the people he hates. I don’t know how long these will be up so get your download on.

click one

“riflemen is a brand new crew consisting of: kurupt, jayo felony, 40 glocc, mobb deep & cormega. their first track is kurupt/jayo felony/40 glocc over an alchemist banger going at daz. this was just leaked today. ”

click two

response from daz dillinger (october 06, 2004):

Its getting INTENSE!

Hours ago Kurupt dropped a song dissing the LEGENDARY DAT NIGGA DAZ … lol @ call that song a DISS …

wanna hear some real ISHHH? … how about Daz’s retaliation! The tracks called PISTOL WHIP. The beat is produced by Daz and was just recorded an hour ago. (Side Note: Ludacris wanted to cop the beat but Daz had to use it … u know he HAD 2 DO IT)..


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