NIce To See Everyone In Hip Hop Eating.

Mister Cartoon Inks Deal With Nike, Preps New Shoes

Mister Cartoon, the tattoo artist who is responsible for giving Eminem, 50 Cent as well as Beyonce their ink, has moved up on the food chain. Like hip-hop stars Jay-Z and 50 Cent, the tattoo artist/entrepreneur has moved into the shoe world and is preparing to launch his own shoe with Nike.The artist has inked a deal with Nike to custom design six shoes, three Air Force Ones and three Nike Cortez. With Cartoon and partner, photography Estevan Oriel, already in the clothing industry via their own Joker Brand clothing line, Cartoon was turned to the idea of doing a shoe from a friend and after a long process, Nike decided to ink a deal with him.”Originally, Nike wanted me to tattoo at a laser function for their shoes. I looked at it like if I settle for tattooing at a party then they would never wanna f–k with me for a shoe.” Cartoon said. “It took about a year of convincing for the deal to come. I had to go back and forth, had presentations and had to do mock-ups.”When the deal was finalized, the tattoo artist designed six different shoe designs: two being general public releases and four being art pieces. Of the two designs that are to be released to the public; one will be an exclusive limited edition, released to very select high-end stores, while the other will be a general release and be available at most shoe stores including Foot Locker.The six different shoes were recently unveiled with a release party at the Nike Blu House in Venice, California this past August. The shoes were showcased as well as a slew of custom-designed lowriders for partygoers and guests to enjoy. Guests that attended were Mr. Cheeks, model Rachel Sterling, Souls Assassins crew, as well as many industry people including media outlets, among others.Cartoon’s Nike shoes are expected to be available sometime in November. For photos of some of the shoes, click here.

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