Alkatraz Productions site updated

And the opening graphics are pretty lame but they have scary noises oooooh.

You can listen to a mixtape preview that’s pretty hot, but definitely check “mixtape track 4” which is probably called “Let’s Go” and it features E-40 and Lil Flip. Its nice.

If you aren’t familiar with Al Kapone’s shit you should be – they represent the OTHER side of memphis and although three-six gets all the respect the Memphis Drama compilations are nothing to cough at. Serg hooked me up with Memphis Drama vol. 1 and shit is real hot. Tracks like “Taylor Made” and “Shake That” bang just as hard as your favorite crunk tracks. They also make me wonder what other crunk shit everyone’s sleeping on, from all the other crazy cities in the south. I made a friend here at school who’s from Memphis and he was telling me how ridiculous all the parties are. I picture a city that is just a rowdy party with dancing in every club on every street – these guys are probably making money but not THAT much and its all locally supported. My friend says apparently Memphis radio used to be really rowdy and bawdy. They’d have random women call up and have phone sex with the DJs and play all kinds of raunchy shit on the air and then some christian groups came in and shut that shit down so now the stations have toned it down a bit.

Memphis Drama vol. 2 has this fucking hot song called “Gorilla Milk,” definitely snatch this shit if you get a chance too.

Here is a free mp3 of my favorite track from Memphis Drama Vol. 1.

Its got these hot pizzicato strings and what sounds like seagulls and its one of those chill songs for driving down the road at 4 or 5 in the morning after a big night. “Got my hi-beams on and I know I’m lookin’ good.” So Fresh, so clean.

One response to “Alkatraz Productions site updated

  1. um how are you not going to mention “I’m The Nigga?” That shit is like the hardest join on the memphis drama. Fools need to be checking for that trillness

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