New John Kerry Ad Campaign

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Bitch nigga you can neva eva, eva eva

Eva eva, eva eva eva eva

Get on my level ho (What!)

Get on my level ho (What!)

Get on my level ho (What!)

Get on my level ho (What!)

Get the fuck back, get the fuck back already

I ain’t playin’ nann day

Prove a nigga whatcha say

Meet me anywhere, I don’t care it don’t matter to me

Cause if ya fuckin’ step, I’ma step in yo vicinity

What, you think I’m a ho nigga please you ain’t on my level

Get some rank bitch while I’m diggin’ ya grave with a shovel

Time after time I ask myself is it really clever

For you to get with me, bitch nigga you can neva eva

Rank on my level, I’m pushin Chevrolet pedal

If you niggas fuck with me I got that chrome, heavy metal

Never settle for less but always strive for the best

Most these niggas playin chief’ll put ya straight to the test

27 responses to “New John Kerry Ad Campaign

  1. Right on. I am so glad I saw this today. Even my lib frineds had to laugh at this and that ain’t easy. Getting libs to laugh is harder than Pimpin.


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