Till Death Do Us Part

“Till Death Do Us Part” is the Geto Boys 1993 release. The self-titled Geto Boys album and “We Can’t Be Stopped” are the records that most people talk about but I think “Till Death Do Us Part” deserves some fucking shine. Some reviews of Till Death Do Us Part claim that “the whole shock formula seems like a worn-out trick and points the way to their eventual disbanding.” I think those people are fucking morons. This album is underrated as fuck and contains some fucking dope tracks that should not be overlooked because some numbnuts at allmusic eats shit for breakfast. Some folks complain that the geto boys aren’t the same without Willie D which is true but Big Mike can hold his own and it’s no reason to disregard any of the releases with him on it. Now Six Feet Deep is easily the best song on the album but that doesn’t mean the rest of the songs are weak. Shit just look at “Bring It On.” That song is one of the greatest fucking posse cut’s ever fucking made. This song is fucking loaded with rappers just peep the list 2Low, Seagram, Too Much Trouble, 5th Ward Boys, Odd Squad, Ganksta NIP, DMG, Lord 2-3, Big Mello, and Scarface. In 1993 Bring It On was my fucking anthem, well along with other shit from that year, but I use to know everyone’s verse in this song and even today I think I can still pull it off. Well maybe not the whole thing but at least half of it. Another song I like is Crooked Officer, now this was around the time Ice T was getting heat over “Cop Killer” so most of the crybabies threw this in their bullshit protest against fuck the police rap music. Other tracks that get my stamp of approval are G.E.T.O., Raise Up, It Ain’t, Street Life and then there is Cereal Killer which is very much in the same vein as spice one’s 187 Proof and Ice Cube’s Gangsta’s Fairytale but I still like it. Now there are some weaker tracks, like This Dick’s For You but so what I think there is enough heat on this album to make it a worthy purchase.

3 responses to “Till Death Do Us Part

  1. good looking on the post.
    this album is severely over looked.
    big mike definitely made it happen and also released two solid lp’s after. i can’t remember the title of the song, but the one using the “Easy Like Sunday Morning” sample, talking about friends that have died was deep. right on.

  2. Your thinking of Six Feet Deep

    When I first heard that song I wanted them to play it at my funeral. Shit now that I think about it I think I still do want them to play that when I die.

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