Hoochie Coochie Nas

Nas takes on the mainstream

Nas’ new single for his ambitious double album leads off with something completely different than has been heard in mainstream rap in a while. The Blues riff will strike a cord with anybody who knows a thing about the blues. Nas also laces the track with a vintage Nas flow and the track is full of soul and energy. CHECK THIS SHIT FOOLS!!! If you haven’t already before you read this… heh

3 responses to “Hoochie Coochie Nas

  1. I like you wubanga cuz yr all enthusiastic haha.
    yeah this song is pretty hot. Serg said it was like Nas doing a song for sesame street and i agree to an extent but you can’t really front on this beat and the “RIP Ray Charles” at the end is a nice touch.

  2. Yes indeed, I like this one. I might just have to buy this Nas album, though I think the whole double-album thing might be a bit much.

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