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So the yesterday I posted some New Kingdom mp3s and I figured it would be a wise idea to put up some of the newer stuff the guys from NK(Sebastian and Nosaj) having been doing since then. But before that first a little New Kingdom history.

New Kingdom was formed when Sebastian and Nosaj met while working at Canal Jeans, a clothing store in New York. At the time Sebastian was messing with some punk bands and stuff. In 1987 is when they first started recording material together. Later they would hook up with Scotty Hard who helped them form a more cohesive sound and also got their demo shopped around. In 1992 Gee Street officially signed them and then in 1993 they released their first album, “Heavy Load.” In 1996 they followed up with their second album, “Paradise Don’t Come Cheap.” Around early 1998 New Kingdom decided to take a break and handle their their personal biz and sideprojects. Gee street got bought up and that was pretty much the end of it. There has been some talk of some newer NK stuff happening but as far as I know its mostly just talk. Hopefully something more happens.

Anyways these days Sebastian is involved with his own group, Truckstop. Which consists of Rob Stop, Scotty Hard and a bunch of other guys whose names I do not know. They use to have a website but its been out of commission for a bit. Anyways on with the mp3s.

Coast To Coast

Hooked Up

Nosaj(Jason spelled backwards) has gone on to do some solo work under the name NatureBoy Jim Kelly. He describes his music as “sonic b-boy thrash” and it is still very much in same vein of the New Kingdom stuff. You can purchase his stuff directly, he’s got two albums under Natureboy, “Jump Out The Window Music” and “Jump Out The Window Music Vol 2.” There is also a “jacked and hacked” version of Jump Out The Window Music which is the Mr.Wonka’s version of screwed and chopped. According to Kelly, Wonka also likes to screw and chop rock songs and old r&b. I’ve yet to hear this but I’m curious.

Riots On The Floor


You can buy the Natureboy Jim Kelly albums at his website or you can buy it at the NK fan site New Either way it doesn’t matter because you’re still buying directly from the man.

4 responses to “More New Kingdomness

  1. Wow. Thanks Serg for dropping the knowledge on this stuff. I picked up both of the New Kingdom albums for cheap years ago, but haven’t listened to them in a long time. So I’ll have to break those out. And I like both of the new projects the guys have too. I didn’t realize all the Scotty Hard involvement back when I bought those albums, but I probably didn’t know much about Scotty Hard then either. Anyway, good work sir.

    • All the truckstop stuff is pretty much gone from the internet. I still have the mp3s at home. Forgot about this post, shit this was 9 years ago. I only saw this because wordpress sent me an email.

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