HardC.O.R.E. was a online zine that existed around 93-95. C.O.R.E. stood for “Committee For Rap Excellence.” The magazine consisted of mostly reviews, news and various ramblings on hip-hop in the early/mid 90’s

HardC.O.R.E. Magazine Archive
(got to credit Cocaine Blunts for this)

I would say take a look, it’s interesting to read reviews of albums from those years again. Personally I think dudes are all wrong with their New Kingdom review(in vol2 issue2) but whatever back then people were fronting on those dudes but they were on some next shit. Infact I’ll post a few New Kingdom links. These aren’t from Heavy Load the album they reviewed but whatever the styles of the two are fairly similar and fucking dope.

Paradise Don’t Come Cheap.mp3
Mexico Or Bust.mp3
Terror Mad Visionary.mp3

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